Clicker Game help, please

I am new to game making, so i wanted to start with something simple.
I started to make a clicker game, but the problem is i dont know how to make an ugprade which doubles the clicks (when i click 1 time it should give me 2 coins) Can somebody help me with this and how to make it when i purchase something the next time when i buy it to be more expensive. I will be so thankfull if you teach me how to make this things, becouse i want to finish my first game.

btw sorry for my bad english

these are the events for now

What you have to do is.

  • make a variable called cost
  • And make a condition - Every time “Upgrade” is pressed, add 50 to “cost”
  • And subtract “cost” from “Money” every time upgrade is pressed
  • And add- Check if “Money” is greater than “cost” - instead of - if Money is greater than 50