Clicking issue!

Good morning all!
I’m almost finishing my app, but I’m facing a little problem that I"m trying to solve since yesterday.}
I tried a lot of things already, but nothing worked. I’ll try to explain:

I have a layer “Names” (draggable in Y) with a list of names under a layer “Title” with the top blue bar and the white left arrow.(Fig.1)
When I drag the list, it goes up and down under the layer “Title”. (Fig.2).
When I click on the icon on the left of each name on the list (the white circle with a i inside), a layer “Data” pops up another, displaying the information of that specific name (Adress, phone number, etc.) (Fig.3)
When I click left arrow on top:
If only layer “Names” is showing, it should take me to another scene.
If layer “Data” is showing, it hides layer “Data”
The problem is:
If I drag layer “Names” and click on left arrow, It clicks the white icon that’s underneath the blue bar and open the layer “Data”.
If layer “Data” is showing" the click on arrow changes the data to the name under the blue bar.
What’s the a way to restringe the click to the arrow, avoiding clicking the info icon underneath it?

Is on icon inverted.

Is on arrow icon
Is not on info icon

But not always the icon is under the arrow. Depending where the draggable layer stops.

Does that matter in any way?

Yes. I ever tried that. If I use your idea and the icon is not under arrow, it doesn’t work.

That"s why I questioned yesterday if a hidden layer shouldn’t ignore the actions.
There are other ways to make something invisible and still be active, like change opacity.

use y position of cursor as condition.
y pos of cursor is greater than idk 20 (you have to check the y pos of your arrow icon),
and touch is on info; do info layer

you need to check y pos from a stationary layer, the layer, where you blue bar/arrow is on

I cannot use info as a parameter, because if the layer “Names” was on its initial position, there will be no info icon under arrow.

y position of mouse doesn’t work because both icon and arrow will be at the same position.

your arrow will always be the same Y pos, right?
so clicking on arrow will work.

its the info button you dont want to be able to click, when its under the arrow, yes?
so, if the Y pos of cursor is =< your blue bar, you cannot click info.

you use the y pos as condition ONLY for the info part, not the arrow.

Got it!
Gonna try it!

It doesn’t work. Maybe because I’m not using drag behavior but using camera position to drag?
And I have 52 different info icons in a group. I tried to pick all objects of icons group to check them all.
I tried:
If click on informacoes (name of my icons group) and informacoesY>150 , show layer Data.

wow!! I was using Y position of object. That worked great!!! I’, soooooooooooooo happy!!!
Thanks a lot Slash!