climbing ladder works only in 1 scene

I tried to insert ladders in my mathematics training game. It works in scene01 but not in scene02 and scene03. Can you have a look on the game in the attachement? (2.71 MB)

Hi, the Player object in scene 02 has no animation 3 or 4, only in scene 01, you forgot to update it :slight_smile:
By the way there are “Global objects”, useful when you are going to use the same object type in multiple scenes (for example your Player), using global objects ensure it will be synced in every scene, so you don’t have to update it over and over again :wink:

EDIT: To set the Player as a global object: Make a backup of your project (it seems that you make backups anyway, good for you), delete all the Player objects in every scene but in scene 01, then do a right click on the Player object in scene 01 and click on “Set as global object”, done! :smiley:
(You will have to create the instances on scenes again, you know, drag and drop the new global object Player on the scene).

What should I do without you? Many Thanks.
To make many updates I learned,when I made my adventure-game with visionaireStudio (a game with over 10 hours to play for primaryschoolkids -
But one thing I can not do: when I open Scene01, I can not drag and drop to another scene. Because if I open Scene02, then the object list of Scene01 is no longer there. :confused:

Not sure what is your problem, but objects from Scene01 won’t appear in the list of objects on Scene02, because they are owned by the Scene01. But if you set an object as a global object it will be owned by the project itself, and will be shown in all the scenes, global objects are shared between the scenes.
Note that the instances are not shared, only the object “template”, the base object listed at the right.

Let me know if you need me to explain further :slight_smile:

The Problem was: If I deleted all “players”, there was no player in the list of objects. Coincidentally, I then created a new object. After that, the player was seen in list of the objects. I have to do that in all scenes.
Again thank you very much. At some point there will surely be a problem again. :wink: If not, I’ll definitely let you know when I’m done with the project.

Oh, that’s because you have to delete all “Player” objects except the one in Scene01, this way the only scene with a “Player” object is Scene01, right click on the object and make it a global object. Now the “Player” object will appear in every scene :slight_smile:

No, no, the Player in scene01 was not deleted. I did exactly as you told me. I have made him to a global object. But - as I wrote - only after creating a new object in another scene did the player’s item appear.
I have before the post of my problem ever made the procedure to create a global player. And since I could never see one in the other scenes, I’m almost desperate and have turned to the forum here.
I think that could be a little bug.

Maybe :neutral_face:
Can you send me the project again?, so I can check it later, also which version of GD do you use?

This is now the version with the globalPlayer. He is now in every scene and everything works fine. I work with GD4094.exe. (2.14 MB)

If everything is working I can’t debug it right now. There is a chance it will happen again to somebody, but hopefully it’s an isolated case :slight_smile:

Anyway good to know you get it working :smiley:

I’ve just encountered the same problem of the newly made global object not appearing in other scenes. Closing and reopening the project made it work.