cloning multiple objects

I am trying to create an RTS Game I want to Muitple Clone Object’s in my game but I can’t figure it out can anyone Help

You could use a repeat loop, which you can find by clicking on the big + in a circle icon in the top right. Then just put the create object action in and it will create as many object instances as you have set the loop to.

sorry does not work :frowning: any other ideas Cheers :confused:

What are you trying to achieve exactly?, a further explanation would be ok, with a practical example better :slight_smile:

here is an example with repeat action, althought I can’t find repeat on actions :confused: … -diagonals

hi I am trying to make a command and conquer RTS type game I am only in testing mode so I can’t show you

That’s perfect, I get you’re doing a RTS, but what do you mean with “cloning multiple objects”, what should be done?, as a practical example… when objects are being cloned in Command & Conquer? :slight_smile:

ot worked for me, but be sure to give the new objects size and position maybe you can’t see them :confused:

if i clone one object that’s cool grand but if i want to clone more then one object like for an example clone a men with a gun cool and then i want to clone a tank Gdevelop will not clone the tank for me. Can you help

well i dont really clone I create objects of one kind, is there a clone option? I will take a look
Maybe your code will help to clarify