Close dialog box window

Hi there,

I can t find after looking in forum / youtube about my problem.

No way to close dialog box while using dialog tree, it’s ok to go to next dialog line with same key as opening dialog but i can t close it.

What do you think ? :blush:

I’ guessing here, but I think is because is pressed is evaluating all the time try to add a trigger once on that event o change the pressed to released.


In addition to Ulises’ suggestion above, any show/hide event (layer/sprite/etc) you always want to ensure it’s set to trigger once. Otherwise they can conflict with each other hide or show events.

The same will be true for your events under “Insert key is released”. Ignore default controls should always be used with trigger once too.



Thanks for your answers !
I tried to put one then some “trigger once” on events but nothing changed.
I also tried to put “released” replacing "pressed on the last event but i still can close dialog box :frowning:

Thanks for your help again !