[Closed]Hold right mouse click to move around the scene editor

Currently we can move around the scene editor using the scrollbar or using zoom-in and zoom-out + moving the cursor position.

What I suggest is when we hold mouse right click button the cursor will “grab” the scene and we can move it around(move the mouse while while still holding right click) until we release the right click, it will be faster to move around when your scene is big and it have have better accuracy( when you want to view specific area of your scene).

When we only do a single right click it should display menu as usual, but when we hold right click it should move the scene.
Currently when I hold right click and move the cursor nothing happened, we can use it for moving the focus of the scene instead.
Something like:
If right mouse is clicked for <1 sec show menu.
If right mouse is clicked for >1 sec and is still being clicked then move the focus of the scene.

Generally the right mouse button will never be for “logic actions” on hold, as it’s designed for context response menus in most OSes when it comes to applications.

What you’re asking for is already accomplished with clicking in and holding the middle mouse button (clicking in and holding the scroll wheel), which is common for most editing apps.

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Wow, I didn’t know that Gdev already have such function. Nice!