CocoonJS Black Screen?

Hey and thank you for reading this ^-^
I have been trying to compile my game with CocoonJS and all I get when testing it on a physical android device is a black screen. My question is there a tutorial for CocoonJS like there is the IntelXDK that I missed? If not does anyone plan on making one? Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Man, I have similar issues with IntelXDK, but instead of a black screen, I have a BLANK white screen on some devices!

Are you using that cloud testing or crosswalk? Sometimes I get HUGE differences by compiling the apk and loading it onto my device.

I am using XDK with Crosswalk. I have an old phone, a Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite, and the game is running OK (picture below).

So, I installed the same APK on my Galaxy Tab 2, and the screen went white, but I know that the game is running, because I can hear the sounds…

With Ludei’s CocoonJS “cloud compiler”, the APK can run on both devices, but with laggish performance on my old phone.

What version of Gdevelop did you use to compile to CoccoonJS? And what version of the CoccoonJS compiler did you use? My game used to work but recently I don’t know what I did wrong :\

Well, I’m using GD version 4.088 (I think, I’m without my laptop now).

About CocoonJS, I’m using this online thing:

I’m usually using 3.8 because 4.0 was being a bit buggy for me, and it kinda worried me.
I’ll try compiling it with 4.0. Oh would anyone mind telling me if it has to be cordova or CocoonJS in the settings?
Or does it even matter which one? With CocoonJS I get the black screen :\ I haven’t tried the other because it didn’t have Canvas+.
CoccoonJS or Cordova.png

Sorry for double posting, but here is some additional information.
I tried the game on multiple devices and still a black screen on both.
I also exported it with 4.088 these times. I also moved the index.html file to the root, but I still get nothing.
I even asked on the Cocoonjs forums, but they haven’t responded in 3 days and quite frankly there forums are a bit deadish :frowning: I’m also attempting to release this game on OCT31st so any help is appreciated. If nothing fixes it I’ll compile it via the intel XDK but Cocoonjs appears to have better performance so I’d rather do it that way. Thank you for reading this rather long post. And hopefully everyone will enjoy this game and hopefully I’ll have the demo ready soon.

If you don’t mess with Javascript and plugins, using CocoonJS is pretty straight forward. Just zip your project and make sure index.html is in the root of the zip
Actually, when I zip my project I have all my files in the root of the zip as it was exported from GDevelop, not only index.html
Also make sure the bundle ID in general settings has the format of “com.companyname.projectname”

Have you tried any other, smaller projects (maybe one of the examples) to see if that one works?
If not, I suggest to try that first. Try something basic first, a static sprite in the middle of the screen. If it works, then probably you do everything right and it could be a bug somewhere in CocoonJS.

I believe it simply depends on what plugins you want to use. If you want to use CocoonJS plugins and Canvas+ you need CocoonJS, if you want to use Cordova Plugins, you need that. For some reason you can’t have both, you need to choose.

Whenever I export it puts everything in a www folder :angry:
I tried the angry peas demo, but nothing. Maybe something is wrong with the compiler because it was working fine a few weeks ago :astonished: