Code won't work for bullets

Can anyone tell me why this won’t create a “bullet”
It will not spawn one at all. Let alone on top of my character dubbed “pinky.” (test character)
I can already tell you that…
It’s not the z-order
It’s not the phsyics engine treating it as a bullet.
It’s not the animation.
and it’s not pinky’s location (it won’t spawn one with any coordinates).
All objects are on the base layer.
As far as I can tell it simply will not create the bullet
It’s for an isometric rpg with TopDownMovement.
Any tips?
I’m getting really frustrated.

You are using a timer of an object that doesn’t exist. Use a scene timer instead.

Nope didn’t work. lol

I believe the size of the bullet is to small to actually render.
How can I create an event to change it’s size once it’s spawned in?

Yeah that was the problem.