how about visual converting to code so the maker can see what is going on there and do not wornder why its not working…maybe to do not change it or do…i dont know it depends on the way the maker is made ill leave this to you im suggesting place where you can see the game written code

You can check the code easily when you export to web, the events are translated into a file called “code0.js” or something like that, but there are a lot of lists of lists of objects with lists of behavior each, and each event has more lists with lists with iterations over iterations over iterations :smiling_imp:

If you can make anything out of that and find a bug that way I doubt you need GD at all :laughing:

But you can also use Js or C++ event if you prefer to work with code.
I believe you can also use GDevelop.js if you don’t need the IDE at all but the core of GD.

I also had a similar request/suggestion some time ago when 4ian announced the new IDE to make all the conditions and actions actual (Js) scripts that can be opened and edited inside the IDE and even add our own conditions and actions without need to change the source of GD and recompile. We could even share custom condition and action scripts exported in to files that can be imported…But it won’t happen I guess but would be nice :laughing:

The only reason to check that code is to debug an error in the exporter algorithm (the only one that really knows how it works is 4ian), otherwise just edit the project in GD and re-export :slight_smile: