Coding help with first game

For my first GDev project I’m trying make a simple block stack game where players must stack as many blocks vertically as possible. It is like the well known arcade game, where players fail if a block is dropped either side of the stack. But I am adding the aspect of time pressure, where the screen slowly moves up and if all of the blocks end up below the screen before the next one is placed, the player fails. I have coded it so that the game ends if a specific block leaves the screen but I can’t figure out how to code a part that will disregard the former piece of code in the case that a block is on top of the block in question.

Could you post a screenshot of your events? There are so many different ways of doing things in Gdevelop and we have no idea which way you’re using.

Thanks for the reply. You can now see that I have the code set to show game over layers when a particular block is no longer on the screen.

Some high level recommendations:
Having the same conditions in a single event will bog down your code and potentially cause bugs or other issues.

You need to remove every duplicate condition you have in your screenshot. (e.g. there should only be a single “Square7 is on screen” (Inverted), and there should only be a single “Layer “game over menu” is visible”.

Otherwise, your initial question doesn’t seem related to your events here, so I’m not sure that I can give guidance.

How would I set it up so that multiple things happen from a single condition?

Just add the actions to the event. Conditions apply to all actions in the same event box. This also means all actions in the event box will apply every time the conditions for that event are met.

Ok thank you for the advice. Very helpful!