Coding Questions

Hi, completely new to working with this game engine.

I haven’t attempted to make games since the mid 00’s. I’m starting using GDevelop to update a game I made back in '02. I think it would make a nice mobile game.The game play is simple, but because I’m a total newbie I have coding questions. Please note I read the wikia actually more than once about adding spites and didn’t understand what I was missing in information until watching an introduction YouTube video. If you decide to help me please use all steps without assuming I’m familiar with this software. My old experience which was done over Windows '98 to ME. That was using Game Maker 4.0 to 4.3c back when it was still free. This software looks easy to learn. I just need to understand it better.

Coding questions:

. Touch display object over object at touch 0.0 or right where you poked the screen.
Overlaid object destroys underlying object, score level rises.

. Enemy object hits border object. One object then is replaced by another.
Hit - replace object 00 with object 01
Hit - replace object 01 with object 02
so on until object 37 is reached and at that point it’s game over.

. Enemy object dashes out in random directions from center of placement invisible on screen.
. The rate of Enemy object dashing out in random direction increases in speed of this shoot out every 50 seconds.