Coins for buying locked players

I have been trying to lock players but I don’t just get it and also how to make sure it’s some certain amount of coins that will open them.
Please I need help on those, please I will want people to answer me from their personal experiences, how they got it (no offense).
Thank you very much.
Would appreciate your answer

Hi! It’s better to provide as mush info as possible. What have you tried so far? What exactly can’t you figure out? Do you know how to use variables? Do you already started to build the idea and can you show us? What part of this do you get and what part you don’t?

Giving the right infos encourage people to get involved in the topic and will help you get the right answers for your project!

Now, the beginig of an answer would be to set a price for the Character with an Object’s Variable (“character.price” = 500 or if you preffer, Variable “price” of Object “character” = 500) and to have a Scene’s Variable that represents the amount of coins the player has (Variable “coins” = 1200).
Then you will have to compare the two values to determine if the player is alowed to buy the character (if “coins” > (greater than) “character.price” => player is alowed to buy).