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I searched this forum to no avail for an answer. I am hoping a good soul will help me please. I am very new to game development.

The game premise is to create a graphic/art from predefined elements on the menu (there is not much movement to the game i.e. not a runner game). Each level starts with one object the player needs to “customise” and they will have defined objects/graphical elements to use from the menu, around 200 different sprites for graphics that player can choose from. Also they can win more to be added to the menu in the next level.

I am trying to make the menu collapse when you press an arrow button and centre everything on all layers (60 layers, 200+ objects)

I tried camera move (“centre camera on”), but seems I can only do it for one layer (my game has 60 layers).
Is there a way to move the camera for all layers or do I need to create events for all my layers?

Or maybe I am approaching this in a completely wrong way?

Thank you for any help and wisdom.

Hi Izzy,

Instead of moving the camera I would move the menu window into your screen. You could do that with a tween behavior.

Buttons, text and anything else that is on the menu can be attached to the moving window with the sticker-extension.

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Thank you so much for replying, I will try this and let you know how I get on.
Many many thanks for suggestion. :hugs:

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