Collect reward and have object appear in game

Hi all, first time educator here creating games. I am creating a demo and have a character jumping on blocks collecting coins. The score goes up by 100. However, there are boxes laying around to be used a building materials. We want the gamer to collect as many of the coins and when it reaches, example 1000 coins, an addtional box to appear to help with the build.

Using Gdevelop and its bit new as its the first time building. Thanks!

Are you talking about sth like this?

Hi ! Yes that would work. It seems that rock showed up when counter changed to 1. Is that right ? Thanks

I don’t know this is an example in gdevelop

I will check to see if there are similar examples on develop that shows how to create something similar

there is one called endless up runner

Hey that is the same game here …awesome thanks…will check out its mechanics.

the rock has a timer but my game has a score like the one in the platform runner version.
So not sure how to replace the details. I have score as the object and a box object.
When the score is above 200 points say, I want the box to appear at the set location.

You can add an inverted condition of score = 200 above the timer “throwRock” condition