Collision Box for each Animation Frame - Has anything changed?

I’m experiencing strange behavior in Gdevelop, I haven’t touched the project for more than 6 months and I don’t know if this behavior is the result of an update.

The Event: when an object from the “gBlade” group collides with the “pale blue brick” the brick is deleted

“sAttackBladeH” is within the “gBlade” group and each frame of its animation has a different collision box.

When the character is stationary, only the collision box of the first frame of the “sAttackBladeH” animation is taken into consideration. The others are ignored. When the character is moving, all collision boxes for each frame are taken into account.

In the second part of the video, I make a collision box change in the first frame of the attack and see how it works even with the character standing still.

It seems that the engine is only remembering the information from the collision box when I force the object to move in the scene. If the object remains stationary, only the first frame is taken into consideration.


I didn’t post in the bugs section, because I’m unsure if it’s actually a bug or some update that I missed.This function worked normally 6 months ago.