Collision change direction not work

Hey everyone! Im really new at this new stuff of gdevelop, and i decided to try making some easy and short games, not too complicated, i added a spider that should change the direction while crash with a wall, well it doesnt, i separated 2 diff walls, left and right, when the spider crash with the left wall, it should change the direction to right, i added the events for that but the spider just stay walking at left wall, sorry to annoy people but i’ve been stuck here for a while and tried searching youtube or google, i didnt actually find something that could help me.

Can you post a screen shot of the events? That’ll help working out where it’s going wrong.

Derecha= right
izquierda= left
so this is the events page, i honestly think i did everything right, but as i said before im really new to this stuff, so if anyone could help me fix this it would mean a lot.

The event for the second wall is missing and in an event you check player and not enemy.

oh damn true, tysm, now i can finally keep working