Collision detection problem.

Hey, I am creating a new game. In this game, boxes fall from the top of the screen. The aim is to match up the same color of box to remove them . There are five kinds of boxes which fall according to an algorithm. The problem is, I have added five events to detect collision of the same kind of boxes but the events don’ t always fire up. This sometimes leads to odd situations when many kinds of the same box are lying on top of each other.
What can I do about it, is it a bug in GDevelop and is there any way i can make the code more efficient? Help!

Please try to switch your collision checks to “Collision (Pixel Perfect)” and tell me if your problem disappears!

A similar problem affected my game a few days ago, and it stopped happening when I switched to the “Pixel Perfect” collision method.

Type “Collision” in the search box to find it:

GDevelop - Collision vs Collision (Pixel Perfect).png