Collision Event Doesn't Work with Multiple Projectiles Overlapping at once

I want to be able to make multiple projectiles collide with the enemies in my game at the same time. Instead when multiple projectiles collide 1 will go through the collision check and perform the actions and the rest will harmlessly fly over the enemies hitbox. Then this leads to a domino effect in which there is a projectile inside the hitbox so any other projectiles that collide also do nothing. This is most prevalent with large enemies where projectiles can potentially be inside of the hitbox for a while.


I tried normal collision events, for each events and even using a variable to check when a bullet is in collision and then a separate event that triggers with the actions and toggles the variable. Nothing works. Please help.

Can you post your events? Are you using a trigger once? If so, try your events without it.

Wow. I tried so many different configurations of these events. I never tried that somehow. I might actually be dumb. It works now. Thank you.

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I love your wizard rat enemy.

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Thank you so much!! He’s the first boss of my upcoming game DRAGOT.

Sorry for the late response!!! I don’t normally come to these forums unless I have an urgent question.