Collision in Physics Engine

Hi! I’m using the Physics Engine to make a ball hit a wall and damaging it but it doesn’t seems to always see the collision.

In this video you can see the ball that (when I press a key) hit the wall but doesn’t always subtract 1

There is something with the collision condition that I’m doing wrong? Why sometime is ok and others no?
In the video happens only at 7 but other times happens at different numbers.

Some advice?

Hi Antani,

Some solutions could be these:
-Maybe you have to use the condition “Trigger one”.
-I don’t now if I seem to see the video to fast, but sometimes the ball goes very near to the cube, but it doesn’t hit it. Maybe you have to change the force that you give when you press the key.
-Or check the hitboxes.

I hope I helped you
Write if you can’t resolve the problem

1 - already done
2 - the cause is the video quality… however, the impulse is enough to make the ball hit and bounce back
3 - already checked

Thanks anyways

This is am issue that’s cropped up before. If you can replicate it with a simple project, I suggest you submit that as an example and raise it as a bug.

As a thought, have you tried checking the Bullet option in the physics behaviour? That may help.

From the wiki

Bullet : If set to true, the object will use a continuous-collision-detection algorithm, slightly reducing the performance but improving the response when moving very fast. Useful to correctly simulate… well… bullets (or any high-speed object), and reduce the chances for the bullets to go through thin objects.

I’m making the simple project…

EDIT: Done and posted!

Did you try setting the bullet option on the physics behaviour?

Yes, I had already done it!

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