Collision makes the screen to shake

Sometimes, when an object is colliding with another, the screen (and the object that is set to move away) starts to shake. I don’t know when, or why , this happens, because altough i’ve tried with many potential fixes, the problem dont disappears.

That is the event.
The only thing that i got clear is that when a “colision” object works well, it will work well forever (even after deleting it) and if not, it will never work(even after deleting it).

thats what the level (and the colision object) look like in the editor

image and thats how it looks in the gameplay

Hi, have you tried to delete all movement forces on the object before moving away from the collision?

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the shake effect is likely a result of center camera on object, which is flickering due to an unclear position. you could try to decrease the speed of the object, or increase the size of the hitbox

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Didn’t worked. I decided to scrap that level since I wasnt able to find a solution.
Edit: I figured out that this happens when the player collides with two “collision” objects at the same time. Its a Gdevelop bug since the example “mindas isometric world” has the exact same bug. :frowning_face:

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