Collision mask help

Hey there, I’m pretty new to this program and I’ve been having trouble with collision masks. I have a platforming engine set up to work with slopes. You can see it here: (sorry if some of the code is redundant or messy, I’m still trying to get used to using this program, hehe)
I have the slope collision mask set like this:
It works fine most of the time, but for some reason when the slopes are at certain parts of the scene, there’s a little bump that shouldn’t be there that stops the player while walking up the slope:
I can’t figure out where these bumps are coming from. Any ideas as to what I can do? If I need to upload the compiled game or even the source file to provide more information, let me know

Yeah, we can only guess w/out sources so upload it.

Right, here it is …

Incidentally, I turned on the visibility for the collision testing object and took a closer look:
So it looks like it’s not an “invisible bump” but rather a hole where there should be a collision. I’m still no closer to figuring out what to do about it though