Collision mask & Hitbox

Hello. I am making a offroad racing in g develop. I couldn’t figure out how to make the collision mask and hitbox other than flat surfaces. It always shows the covex error…anyone knows the solution to this…?
Thanks in Advance

A convex error means the interior angle at one or more of the vertices in greater than 180 degrees. In other words, there’s a dent into the hitbox shape, or 2 of the lines make a corner that’s pointing into the hitbox shape :

All hitbox corners should be projecting/pointing outwards. Imagine there’s a balloon inside the hitbox, and it pumping it up forces all the corners to pop out.

To get around this, you can define multiple hitboxes in a collision mask - so you could define a mushroom shaped collision mask by making it out of 2 hitboxes; one a squished circle for the top, the other a rectangle for the stalk :


Thanks man. I really appreciate it