Collision masks don't make any sense

Hi guys,
I am working with a project that makes use of the Pathfinding behaviour, but the collision masks are really weird. In some cases they seem smaller than the collision area I have created and in some cases they seem bigger. I have made a screenshot (below) of how it works. As you can see I can make Minda walk out of the map but I cant make her walk to various spots within the map. I have tried both custom and default hitboxes for the obstacle and it makes no difference. Any ideas what the problem might be?



I have one theory tho. I have scaled down Minda from her original size. I tried to reproduce the project with random graphics made in Piskel and they had the same proportions. That worked better. Also it seems as if the Collision behaviour doesn’t recognise if I rotate the obstacles. The collision area seems to be the same regardless of how I rotate the object. BUT this is only true if I use the Pathfinder. When using TopDownMovement and the collision action and moving Minda with the keyboard it seems like collision works as it should. Even when I rotate the obstacles. Any comments on that? Am I missing something? I did read that custom hitpoints wont work with html5, so I am not using that anymore.

It’s a known bug. The pathfinding behaviour doesn’t recognize object rotation.

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If you want to use pathfinder make a small rectangle object (40x30 about the size of your collision mask on the top left picture) and use this with pathfinder and it should work… Then make the rectangle invisible and link your character to this…

Thanks, then I think understand the problem. Rotating the objects won’t have any effect while using pathfinder.
But on the other hand I can use like 50 small squares along my diagonal border of the map?

Also I should create an invisible small rectangle as my character and link my real character to that small object?

That seems to work, but I really need to overlap the obstacles pretty much, to prevent my character (the small red dot in the screenshot below) from passing thru the walls. Now I’ll link the red dot to my real character.

Thanks guys!!

The pathfinding example uses rotated walls, no? :thinking:

The Isometric template has rotated walls but I believe it does not use pathfinder. It uses topdown movement and simulated keystrokes.

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