Collision masks for tilesprites in top-down games

I’m trying to add tilesets into my project, it’s a top-down shooter but I have concerns about the tileset for this type of game.

I can’t find anything about adding collision on the tileset, I saw a youtube video about it and the vid showed that there’s an extension for collision on tile sprites but I tried to find it and there is none, I’m assuming its gone now since the vid was a year ago.

So I kept searching and my only solution was the seperate object event but another problem about it is that creating a tilesprite doesn’t give me the option to edit its collision mask because it doesn’t have one, so how do I give it one?

Are you talking about a tiled sprite or a tilemap. I’m wondering if the collision extension you read about was about the tilemap collision object which different from a tiled sprite.

As far as tiled sprites. I’m not aware of a way to create a custom hitbox.

I’m using a tiledsprite, is that not a tilemap? if it’s not I’m sorry I thought it’s part of a tilemap.

A tiled sprite is sprite with a repeated image/tile while a tilemap needs to be made by an external app from tiles. A tilemap has a separate object to handle the collisions.


Tiled sprite