Collision not working?

Hey all,

I have a problem, and i dont know why it’s not working.
My character needs to jump over a object. But the problem is, if the jump is succesfull it still registers as it hits the object. The custom hitboxes are correct, and there shouldn’t be a problem. You can see it, in the video below.

Additional info :

  • The character is a animation (not looped) (But the collision mask is on all the frames)
  • collision mask on object (enemy) is a triangle.
  • The character is an bigger size canvas then on screen visual. (But collision mask is good.)

First try = what supposed to happen. Second try = what not should happen

Event screenshot :

How to fix this?

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Can you show the collision masks?

I’m not sure I understood your third bulletpoint. Do you scale down Milo?

Yes, milo is also scaled down from the original size.

Collisions :
collision%20steen collisionmilo

The problem is with your jump, I think, the camera moves towards the spike when you land.
Why reinvent the wheel? Use the platformer behavior with the jump setting. :slight_smile:

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Allright, thank you! I used the platform behavior.