Collision - Not working

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**How do I…**How do I get the play collision action to work.

What is the expected result - Play a sound when collision with player.

Explain what should happen when you run the game.

What is the actual result - Nothing happens currently. This is the template asteroids game, wanted to add a fireball that causes damage when collided with the player.

Explain what is happening instead, what is going wrong. - Nothing happens, although the collision actions with the asteroids do work

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Try using trigger once on the condition

Are you sure you want to use the Physics2 behavior collision check and not the normal one? I guess you are accidentally using it.

unfortunately BernieStone’s suggestion won’t change anything. Did you attach the physics behavior to your FireBall2 sprite? What about your physics collision mask?

Without trigger once the sound will play each frame during collision, surely better to play it once per collision? Once the correct collision condition is used of course!

Yes, you are right. I was more concerned about the collision.