Collision of Player to Enemies

Hi, I want to ask about the collision.

I have an enemy on the ground and a flying enemy.

My collision for enemy on the ground is ok when my Player fall or jump to the head of the enemy.

My problem is the flying enemy, when my Player jumped at the bottom of flying enemy, my Player just went through that enemy.

How can I fix this?

Maybe there is a problem with your players or your enemies Hitbox. You can change it by going into sprite editor > Hitbox

I already did that but not working :confused:

Hi, is your flying enemy using Platform behaviour?

You can also try “Separate two objects” event if player is jumping into the flying enemy.

Yes, my flying enemy’s behavior sets to PlatformerObject…

Anyways I grouped all enemies object as Enemies.

My current event for collision is
If Player collision with enemies
then if player is falling then kill enemy.

So now, how can I add an event if the player jump into flying enemy?

It depends, what do you want to happen when the player jumps into enemy?
If the enemy should be killed, if you group the flying enemy into Enemies group it should work too, but you might need to use “character is on floor” condition, since the player would be standing on the flying enemy. Otherwise try only checking collision between player and flying enemy.