Collision with platform

Ok, so I’m making a platform(sprite with platform behavior), and I have it set where a timer starts when the player collides with it, slowly crumbling it apart. The problem is, the collision only works when my character jumps through the platform, but not when he lands on it.

Is there a separate command I could use for collision where it works when you jump ON the platform as well?

Just in case it’s needed, here’s the code

I’m experimenting something similar in my project, and it’s usually work fine for me. sometimes when my character stand lower when he start jump than the platform, the collision isn’t registered. but it’s infrequent.
but I add a plus condition to check the Y positions compared to each other, because I want actions only happens when my character step on the platform. without it the collision works always. and becouse the collision sometimes not registered, I add one event to check if my character went on “without” collision (it is impossible). not the best, but it works.

I’m not sure this is what you need, but may be it help.

and one more thing. when I use timers, I start/reset it before pause.

Nothing special for this type of collision.
Do you have several crumble-platform objects on screen or several stand-in?
Does Stand-in have platformer behavior?
Did you choose “Yes” in the collision action setting?
Adding some Trigger once conditions wouldn’t hurt.


[Do you have several crumble-platform objects on screen or several stand-in?]
I have several crumble-platform objects, but only one stand-in

[Does Stand-in have platformer behavoir?]
Stand-in has “PlatformerObject” behavoir (edit: the platformer character one)

[Did you choose “Yes” in the collision action setting?]
I had it on “no”, but tried it with “yes” as well, didn’t work either way I’m afraid.

Added a Trigger once, unfortunately didn’t work

@Gyuszko I tried adding your condition, unfortunately, didn’t solve the problem.

Ok, so I found a workaround. Essentially I have an object laid on top and a little above the crumble platform, where when I collide with THAT, it triggers my crumble.

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