Collisions not working

collisions are not working. What am I not doing OK ?
here is the link

Please be more precise. What are your exact goals? What have you done? Most people don’t have the time to download the project and take a look, a screenshot of the events is often better.

Hi :slight_smile:
I am making a river raid clone
(plane is constantly going up)
this is just a test
so here is a screenshot

Make sure they are on the same collision layer maybe. It’s different from scene layers.

Instead of putting all collisions in 1 colum.
It’s better to have 3 main events (colums) with each 1 collision and 1 delete object.

What you’re doing now is that all 3 sprites have to be in collision in order to delete object.

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  • In your last event you have 3 conditions in same block.
    When you set the condition like this the engine understand “3 conditions need to be true in same time”
    Then you need collide with these 3 objects at same time for run the action.

For fix that you have an “Or” condition, and you should move the existing condition in “Or” condition.

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ohhh, I get it :slight_smile:
ok,…I will try
thank you