Collisions while key down

Hello Community,
I’m currently using v5.2.168

I’m a complete NOOB.

  • I have a player sprite with ‘Separate Objects’ behaviour & topdown behaviour. As soon as my player collides with another sprite (with a mask)… it goes through until I release the key and then it jumps or glitches until I clear the sprite.

OR is this caused by the key-pressed behaviour?

  • I just want the player to stop at the yellow wall - even if the key is still down.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this,

i dont use the behaviour, i use the separate objects action(no condition) and it works fine for me

I agree with @Inusitatus - use the separate objects action. However I think it would be more efficient to use collision detection as a condition for the separate objects action.

True, i always forget that

Thanks for replying. I already have the separate objects here.

What’s happening is…


is there a BUG, with the top-down behaviour and changing animations on key-press?

Does the video not provide enough info?

There was a bug with the earlier version that messed with collision when changing animations. I think the devs said it was fixed in the new update, but you might as well try disabling the automatic collision mask (click use custom collision mask) for the player sprite, and see if that helps.

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oh, yeah, if the hitboxes are different sizes in different animation, weird stuff happens