Color change event not working

Guys my color changing event isn’t working any idea what might have went wrong.

the sprite (the .png image) must be pure white.

oh ya, thanks a lot man :slight_smile:

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Man can’t we use variables in place of the numbers in the color event. I tried it but it’s not working

yes, we can! (:grin:) but the syntax is not easy.

can you please help with it. please

create the 3 variables for the 3 color, than merge them into 1 variable string, than use this.

oh got it. so you first turn it into a string. hmm, I just didn’t knew how to do that. Thanks man

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I don’t wanna disturb you again and again :sweat_smile: but it seem not to be working!

color - colour…
I don’t want to be a jerk, but pay attention to your own work before posting. I know easier asking others for help, but you must be attentive to this work.

Oh f, I’m sorry. This is what happens when you speak British English and all the code has to be written in american english. I don’t know how I made such a mistake. I’m really sorry

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