Colored Tabs for Easier Navigation (One for Scene tabs, one for Events tabs)

Hi, my suggestion/feedback is to color tabs differently for easier navigation. I often have multiple tabs open to test things or for some other reason, and it’s difficulty to go back and forth between relevant scenes to make changes. Below is an example of what my editor looks like:

And this is how I’m suggesting:

That way it’s much easier to tell which tab pertains to scenes or to scene events at a glance. It could be those colors which are GD’s colors, or any other GD devs deem good.

Now as an extra tab improvement: tabs that relate to the same scene could be highlighted when selected or when the cursor is hovered over them, like:

That’s my 2 cents, would help me at least.

Hello, Cacodemon!

I’ll be honest. I think the idea of ​​being able to distinguish the tabs (scenes and events) is very good. I also get confused sometimes even using less tabs than you. But being colorful is very flashy. Perhaps the format of the tabs could be different? I don’t know… maybe it’s not enough… :thinking:
But I liked the idea to distinguish the tabs…

Good idea, but I still think the two tabs for a scene should be grouped/merged.