Commands to play animations in Yarn

Hey you wonderful legends! I am experiencing an issue where I utilize Yarn commands to play the animation of the character speaking, only they never replay the animation. I have followed a few tutorials but the ones that I had the most success with were the ones that used GDevelop and Yarn to create a visual novel.

Think like how Starcraft did their before mission briefings only I want these to happen while you’re playing the game.

I apologize for the state of my project’s visuals. Clearly I am not an artist. The two blue areas are where characters will appear.

Hoping to put a playable version up soon that has more to offer than just the bugs I am currently working on.

Thanks for checking out this topic!

Firstly, is the animation on a loop? Or do you mean that every single time you call the command, it doesn’t play any animation again?

EDIT: Also I’d personally suggest taking the command out of the subevent. The ‘trigger once’ dialogue branch is probably effecting it. Everything underneath the ‘trigger once’ condition, will only trigger once!

Hey, thank you! Sorry I have been away and didn’t see this reply in a timely manner. I will absolutely try this suggestion.

To clarify I want it to play a tiny animation every time the command is called.

I will circle back later today after I get a chance to implement the suggestions.