Compare MouseX to Object.Width

I am starting out with GDevelop by doing the Geometry Monster tutorial.

When implementing touch/mouse control the x position of the monster is compared with the x position of the mouse cursor.
That works fine for movement to the right.

For the other direction however it doesn’t work as well. There is a gap to the left edge of the screen. As I am using a low resolution (176 x 320) it is quite noticeable.
Instead of comparing the mouseX with the x position of the monster, in that case I’d like to compare it to the width of the monster.
But I can’t get it to work.

Using the condition ‘value of an object’s variable’ and putting in Width or Monster.Width() didn’t help.
How could I get this to work?
Please explain like I’m five if necessary.

Change the origin of your monster to the center.
DoubleClick on monster and on the bottom left you find change points.

Thank you very much, Slash. That works, of course to solve the problem of the movement.

As I had to change some values in the game afterwards that depended on the origin of the object being (0,0), I still wonder how to refer to the width of the object.
So maybe you know that, too.

How do I check the mouseX() in regards to the width of the object (the rightmost point on the x axis)?

You did write the answer yourself. It’s Monster.Width()
You don’t need any variables. Just compare mouseX to monster.x() with ether - or + Monster.Width(), depending on mouse position.

do you have only 1 instance of monster in your scene?