Compare Text using "For each child variable" event

How do I…

Hello! this is my first time using the event “For each child variable” or rather this is my first time using gdevelop. I want to ask how to compare two string using this kind of event.

What is the expected result

The outcome should be is i have 5 sets of questions in one level the player should guess the answer of the questions to be able to progress to the next level. For example is the first question which is answered snow the snow should hsow beside the question 1.

the game looks like this:

What is the actual result

But im having trouble on the comparison of two text condition.every time i press the guess button the variable doesnt show up. I know im doing this wrong but im learning the ropes on how to use gdevelop’s conditions and actions.

Related screenshots

This is how i did the event

Special Thanks

Oh and special mention to @insein, I want to thank you so much for helping me create the first part of the process of this game and apology for so much questions last time.