Comparing Stuff

Hello all!

This thing happened to me a couple of times already… I do not get it.

If I try to compare a variable sometime using the condition “Global Variable => Compare Value Of a Global Variable”, sometimes it does not work but if I use the condition “Compare Two Numbers”, now I get something. I cannot recall the first time what I was trying to compare, but tonight I was trying to compare a global variable that has a bracket in the expression, like:

GlobalVariable(exemple1[GlobalVariable(exemple2)].exemple3 > 1

Is it the brackets that makes the first way not working?
I think there was a ToString involved as well at some point. Is it that?

Because the expression was returning the expected result. It is only the compare part of the whole thing that was not processed, and only when I compare throught the variable.

Sorry for the vocabulary, I have no Idea how those things are called yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I think you need ToString when you use brackets.