Compile a game to Wii

I can port a game to Wii using Gdevelop and DevKitPro?

As far as I know, no one has ported to the Wii Before. The exported games are just HTML5 and Javascript, though, so you would need to research if it’s possible to compile a Wii Executable for that type of languages. If it is possible, you’ll also need to know enough about the dev kit and SDK to make the bindings and code work.

1st i prefer methiods to get it to work on the homebrew channel
what is the homebrew channel?
the homebrew channel is a channel that is. well for homebrew use being that you use homebrew.
is it legal?
yes it is legal if it is homebrew content that is free and not a wii game loader and nor things unless you own the thing connected to that
how do i homebrew my wii?
1st of all there are multiple wayes to do that so ill link all of them
str2hax (the easiest)

LetterBomb (iconic)

FlashHax (the weird one)

Bluebomb (the only one that works with the wii mini)

Step 2