Compile to Cordova and PhoneGap

Hi all.

I have never known about Game Develop but now that i known about it i am so interested. I will try it and will learn how to develop games with it.

I have readed abaout movile compatibility in other post in forum. I think this could be the most insteresting feature. I think a great way to get it, is compile to Phonegap and Cordova. This maner Game Develop could be the great free open source alternative to Construct2.

Thank in advance for your work.

I will try to bring to you an Spanish traduction.

There are git repositories of source code?.

I think that such toolkits should already be usable with games exported ( or it is a matter of fixing a few bugs or some compatibilities issues ) as the Game Develop game engine is using only javascript and standard canvas/webgl related functions. :slight_smile:

Yes, official extensions are open source :
As well as the web platform, which contains in particular the game engine for HTML5 games: