Compiled game take pauses

Now when I have compiled my game and played it it seems that it take quite big pauses while attacking with VFX???
Why is this happening.
It seems ok when I play it with GDevelop software.

One more problem in a single compiled file it say. “Could not read SFX configuration or configuration not found.” IS there anyone who will help me? Please help me anyone I am stuck.

Guys Please Check this file yourself. swad are move keys i for jump jku for attack l for block and o for action. move forward take the dimonds and then attack see if it takes a big pause. or if the power is great enough press s+o+k for speacial move. w+i to change to fly mode, s+i for walking mode. some things may not work, since I am still developing the game it is kind of a demo. In the Gevelop software the game is working smoothly, Every thing is fine. But the compiled version is not working properly.

Here is the link …

Wow… you have a huge performance problem there :open_mouth:

So what is the solution? Is there a problem with Events\Logics or Graphics is the issue? actually it first check the attack variable and then check what power is selected (power switch variable) and then it check how much a specific power is which is selected (power switch = 1 = Electric power > =< = X) then which vfx it should create with which number of animation. is this type of events are causing problem.

First, it’s an events related problem, would be (almost) impossible that such performance problems were related to graphics.
Second, it sounds like a long “While” event, or a “For each” event inside a “For each event”, inside another “For each event”… or something like that :laughing:
Really, I think that in the frame you press an attack button, a lot of tests and responses are performed… a lot!

First there is no While or for each object event at all. second it is just testing which power is selected and how much power is left. and if a specific power is selected what animation should be performed. 3d game are 10 times more complex they don’t create this issue. computer should handle this easily, shouldn’t it? SO What can be the solution in your opinion?

You can activate the profiler for events, it will tell you the time that every event takes. Enable the profiler, start the preview and quickly press any attack button to reproduce the performance issue, finally, just after the game unfreezes, stop the preview to check the “bad” events :slight_smile:
Here is a link to the wiki explaining how to enable the profiler for event times:

About the solution, I’m pretty sure that there is another way to do anything that the problematic events do with a better performance…

since this issue will only occur in compiled game, not in the preview(why is that so?). I want to ask for a tip from you…? Should I just keep checking for this issue through out the developing or I should check for this issue after the game is ready for compiling.

Do you have an optimus computer (with an Intel and Nvidia GPU) ? If yes, is your game launched on the Nvidia GPU ?

First I have check the profiling and there is no problem in profiling!!! And do you mean ( Switching between GPU and CPU) by optimus computer, then yes. And I have gigabyte and Nvidia. I don’t know about by the second question how to launch it on CPU. I know what GPU and CPU is! The calculation is handled by GPU or CPU.

I speak about computer (often laptops) with two GPUs.

No just one GPU. And Weird thing is I have check all the profiling etc… there is no problem the event that are the highest in time are working perfectly fine, in both preview and compiled but there is issue with those event that are taking minimum amount of time I remember the percentage was like 0.16% or like 0.25% or something. Is this really high. I am still developing the game since there is issue just with the main character, and I am on the level 1, so I am still continuing on the developing.