Compiling game online gives error

Hey guys I have created my game and everything. Now gdevelop is for people who don’t know how to code but if I cannot compile my game what is the use of it??? Every time I try to compile after uploading some % of it, it gives error server is not working or something, check your net conection… blablabla. I am not a programmer, so how do I am suppose to know cordova???

Are you using the latest version of GD5?
If you do, try it later, from my experience the build service is not very stable, crashes a lot for some reason. Sometimes I also need to try 2-3 times to build something or even wait a day before trying it again. Not sure why that is but happens a lot…

If you tried already 2-3 times and still doesn’t work, I would recommend waiting 24 hours because 4ian maybe already working on it and then post it on GitHub because this is the only place that 4ian visit and read frequently so this is your best option to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Or try Discord but I’m not sure how often he read Discord.

I think it would be useful if we would have an indicator in GD to show if the build service is online and should operate normally or it is down so we need to wait because most of the time the only thing we can do is keep trying and we have no clue if it down for maintenance or known to be broken and will be fixed or something unexpected and we should report it…

Mine is working, but then I’m also hosting it on my personal domain for playing in the browser.

I haven’t ventured into creating mobile apps yet, which I think that’s what Cordova is for?