Compiling to an exe file grayed out

Hi! I am a newbie. I found a tutorial on the web that I like and after loading a player object and some events to control it I previewed the game and was able to move the player object in localhost. I decided I would compile to an exe but all options were grayed out except “export to web.” Is there a “Pro” version that requires purchasing to enable these features? I thought GDevelop was Open Source?

Hi, you have to enable the native platform in the extensions, check this :slight_smile: :
[url]Flappy Bird Game - #13 by Lizard-13]

When I click on the under preview all I have is HTML. When I double-click on extensions Native is grayed out and the only option is HTML5 :frowning:

Check the link’s gif, if the native platform is grayed out in the extensions, then you have to right click on it and enable it, finally you have to close and re-open the scene to see the native in the preview list :slight_smile:

That did it! Thanks for holding my hand!