Complete game saves

How do I make a complete game save feature where when you open the game again it starts where you left off?

html5 or native ?


Then take a look on examples with XML. You will have to save all the values desired in a XML files when the game quit, then load this xml files and values on game start/resume.

Some readings :[]=xml[]=xml (unfortunately in french)

I don’t think this is what I’m looking for.

Thanks for trying to help though.


XML is your only option in native games.

Even if you use the Storage action, in native platform it is using XML tags to organize data in a text file but more limited.

Regardless if you choose advanced XML or Storage action, you basically need to go through every single object and every single variable in your scene and write the values in to file to save and read the values from the file and apply it in your scene to load.

There is no easy way around. It need to be done manually the way it fit your needs.
In case you need more detailed explanation or example, I recommend to take a look at the Basic level editor example included with GDevelop, it should give you an idea how to setup a basic save/load system, the principles are the same only need to apply on a bigger scale if you want to save everything.

What Basic Level editor example?

If you go to File → Open an example
There must be an example project called “Level editor.gdg”
It is including a basic save/load system using the Storage actions.