Condition "obj is horizontally flipped" doesn't seem to work, plus whole objetc loop not working

I’m trying to create an projectile coming out of an enemy, but the projectile does not flip when the enemie is flipped

This is the code I currently have for this:

The “Inimigo is horizontalli flipped” part is inside a For Each Inimigo loop, that is working, except for this condition.

I put the Change X pos without a condition to check if the loop is even working, but it does nothing with the projectiles.

Why have you got the “At beginning of scene” event inside the repeat loop. The “beginning of scene” event won’t get looked at until there are projetillnimigo objects on the scene and as this won’t be at the start of the scene, the event will never get actioned.

Set the Speed value when you create the projetillnimigo object, or set it as a default in the object editor.

Oh, that was pretty dumb on me.
Thank you for the response!

But do you know why the projectile wouldn’t be flipping?

You’ll have to provide screen shots of the events related to the flipping of the image before we can answer that one.