Condition to check the speed of the object

Good day Everyone.

I’m following this tutorial: Cannon ball (Physics) | Gdevelop 5 - YouTube
Now,I will improve it with :

  1. The camera focus on the canon ball. (already success)
  2. Camera will focus on the canon when ball is slowing down on the ground

The question is, How to detect ball speed ?

Here is the screenshot of my event:

thank you

I haven’t used Physics 2.0 behaviour yet, but “angular velocity” seems correct already. What currently happens in this code, it never centers?
To check the exact number, you can try storing angular/linear velocity in a variable, using the Sigma (formula) 123 button: image
You may also be able to check it from debugger, when you pause the game and check the object property in debugger.

Angular is the rotation speed :wink:

Thanks Man.
The problem is , the camera always focus on canon. It’s like the Angular velocity of the Ball always lest than 1. It’s make sense if it count the rotation speed.
But what is the correct “Condition” to check the speed…?

Thanks Man.
But do you have any idea what condition should be use ?
or any manual or sample or tutorial for that ?
Maybe I miss the full manual…

There were only two options, angular and linear. So if it’s not angular… :blush:

More information here:
and here:

There are also some tutorials and samples, browse the official website.

Thanks Gruk.

I try to use different method. I create variable to save the X and Y location of the ball and compare it every 1s. Then I found another problem. Inside “Repeat of each instance” it looping on every ball. that make the comparing is not successful, I think it also make the Angular Velocity Condition not working.
I will give up on this and try to use gdjs instead, with another question of course.