Condition to get X and Y coordinates at the same time

Hello everyone, it’s pretty annoying to have to type in the coordinates every time you want to do stuff with events for a specific objects position, or you made the mistake of not using external layouts. and you have to move every single objects position manually, it would be extremely useful if you could copy and paste both X and Y coordinates, and maybe Z optional, with a copy and paste button,

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But in editor you can copy position of one object to another
In events you can just copy whole event then copy value
Or copy values in the 1st place
So where you can’t copy coords?

thats not really what i mean. you cant copy the cords of a whole instance so you have to do it one at a time if you needed to move stuff to specific places at a different scene [EDIT] there should be a condition for checking both X and Y instead of being separated, of course the just checking for just X or Y is useful on its own but with there being a condition for both copying both X and Y at the same time would save alot of time, just one last thing. When you select multiple objects and change their coordinates all the selected objects go to the same position, it would be cool if all the coordinates changed based on their current position instead of that, I can explain what I last said better if necessary

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Now your idea makes a lot more sense
I am all in