Conditions only allowing action once

For some reason these conditions for “X Position” and “Y Position” are only allowing the action to happen when the scene starts up.
What I am tring to do is a used clicks on a block of a given color, then any that are next to it along with that one get removed. The top blocks move down and fill the space. But the conditions don’t rerun the actions. I even put a timer in their to confirm the condition isn’t activating. But the timer keeps on climbing. “Blocks” is a group of my four colored blocks.
I even removed all the actions but the timer and the collision condition.
Any Ideas?

It looks like when the blocks are loaded, they are not in the position I put them in. and I don’t think they fall in the exact position. I’m talking like 0.5 off.

It’s not possible for computers to provide completely precise number when you are using decimal numbers. Instead of testing the precise position, you should use two conditions to test a range of positions.