Conditions when using premade pathfinding behavior

I would like to play a different animation when my pathfinding object is moving in a certain direction or is stopped. However I can’t seem to get it to work at all.

The regular angle of object/angle of displacement/overall speed conditions don’t seem to work with the pathfinding behavior.

The pathfinding specific condition for speed never seems to work, it always seems to be at the maximum speed of the object, not its current speed on screen. And I couldn’t find any operational way to detect the direction or angle of movement.
E: As stated below, I have fixed the speed issue.

There’s a pathfinding example. Did you look at it?
It shows how to use the speed setting, I think.
For the stopped object, there’s a “destination reached” condition. Doesn’t it work as expected?
For different directions, the example tank has several animations, but I don’t know how they’re handled, it’s strange. :thinking: I’d like to know too.
I suspect some tweaking has been made outside GD… Let’s wait for the gurus :sweat_smile:

I did look at the tank example, but I can’t quite figure out how the animation works there. Also my case is a bit different because the object that is doing the pathfinding is not the same as the one that’s being animated, but with conditions and actions I didn’t think that would be an issue.

I also tried doing basically PathfindingThing reached its destinationSet animation of AnimatedThing to “animation2”
but that doesn’t actually seem to work either.

EDIT: I have potentially found an issue that causes atleast some of this, I’m working on trying to fix it now. I would however still like to hear about how to determine the rotation or direction of the object.

EDIT2: Okay, I have solved the problem regarding the Speed and Destination Reached conditions by changing my pathfinding destination. But still I can’t figure out how can you change the animation based on which direction the object is moving.

Hello audiojack, did u solve this? i’m having this trouble too…