Conflict between ignore controls and simulate press

Hello! I’m new on the forum and really happy to learn this nice software.

So first problem :slight_smile:
I have an arrow object to move the player with mobile version.
this, have 4 sprites to simulate the moves ( up, down, etc)
For a scene, i need that the player press “Return” key to continue, so i think the “ignore controls” was the best until the “Return” key was press.
But… my arrows, which simulate my moves on mobile, don’t be ignored…and i don’t understand which solutions will be the best.

Do you have some tips, please ? thanks a lot

To clarify:

There isn’t a “ignore controls” action in the engine.

There is a “ignore default controls” action in the engine. This only disables the default controls for the platformer character or top down character behaviors. It does not disable anything else, including custom controls you’ve set up via events using the “Simulate” actions.

thanks for the reply.
this is what i was thinking. I will disable all controls with a scene variable.