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How to connect ChatGPT to GDevelop 5

There’s nothing built in or created for GDevelop (yet). But here’s a link to a short previous post about it.

Im gonna look into this- theres probably a way with JS
EDIT- you need NodeJS for this so im not sure how this would work, my guess is there is a library somewhere to do this. Not sure though. Ill post again if i find something.

If anything, I have an OpenAI account
And now I need to somehow connect chatGPT to the game and make it so that when I enter messages, ChatGPT gives an answer!

Have you asked ChatGPT how to do this?


Yes, but he is give wrong JavaScript script

Feed it back to ChatGPT; give it the error message and ask it to try again. It isn’t perfect, and sometimes it takes a few iterations to get the code correct.

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Also note that you need a paid subscription to OpenAI in order to use their API. The first month is free, then you start to pay for it.

I have founded a way to do this inside Gdveleop. I have tried it and it basically worked. So I had made a previous chatGPT app in MIT App Inventor and I tried it in the same way with some minor changes and it worked. But I don’t know how I can turn it into an extension and publish it into the Gdevelop extensions. So if somebody is interested in helping me, I would be very happy working with you.

send the extension! NOW!

This is almost there.
I get an error message from the server, which is still better than ‘no message from the server’.

Here an example for how to achieve this, I supose we can close this thread! :partying_face:


Big chunks thanks! Yeaaaaapyyyy

“It’s always nice when it’s nice”

Today I realised this is not only useful for ingame chatbots, but the AI can actually control your game by sending code words like [doSomething] to your game…

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Voice chat plssssss!:pray:

it’s very easy to enable voice chat if you are successful in connecting it with chatGPT Server.
You can just use the text to speech and voice recognition extension for this.