Connect Ps3 controller to Gdevelop without Bluetooth!

I have a wireless duelshock ps3 controller aswell as 4 other “ps3” controllers that arent sony but still work on ps3.

However my laptop doesnt have Bluetooth :man_shrugging: so I have to connect it using cable.

But I can’t get them to work with the gamepad function.

I tried the “left stick of gamepad 1 is pushed in direction “left” : simulate pressing left for player”

but it’s not doing anything

Anything that Im missing?

I got it to work but it only moves the player and doesn’t change animations even if “change the number of the animation of player to (x)” is the only action. It just works with topdown movement. Pls help!

Please add some screenshot of your controller events so we can help you.

Okay, but I can’t now as it is currently midnight where I am so, I’ll do it as soon as possible;

I had trouble connecting a PS3 wired controller to my laptop and needed third party drivers (was a Windows issue if I recall correctly). Does the controller work with other games?

You can use this tool to install the needed drivers scptoolkit

On my ps3 yes, but that’s obviously not what your asking. It is a low end laptop ment solely for my homeschooling but I do play Warcraft 3 on it and create games with Gdevelop, so no. I don’t know if it works with other games.

Ty! I’ll check it out!